Wedding ring.

Don’t take your wedding ring off before your rendezvous. Make believe it’s not there. One day you’ll forget to put it back on and that will only hurt your spouse and possibly your children when they see you’re not wearing it. Your lover doesn’t care if you have a ring on your finger or in your nose. Just leave it on and forget it.

Accessibility – Lose It

Your family knows they can always get in touch with you at any time through your cell phone. Start chang­ing that right away! Get out of the habit of answering the phone the moment it rings. Get caller ID on every phone you own, and if possible, on your work phone. When you see your better half is calling, don’t pick up and don’t call back for 10 minutes. Next time wait 20 minutes. But don’t answer any other calls either. You can’t take the chance that a family friend will say they spoke to you when you plan to tell your spouse you weren’t near the phone. Read the book for more.

The Long and the Short of It

One-night stands or a handful of convenient trysts are considered short term affairs. During a short-term affair, don’t feel obligated to fill in your new compan­ion about the details of your life, which include your full name, address, profession, family, etc. There is no reason for them to know so much personal informa­tion. Many tend to even lie at this stage simply due to safety precautions or to round out the fantasy. If you do make things up, keep it simple and easy to remem­ber in case you decide to meet up again. Read the book for more.

Tiger in the Cage

Don’t fall victim to the “Tiger in A Cage” syndrome. That’s when you pace around the house wishing you were really having sex with your lover. It’s when you look out the window, in the direction of your ren­dezvous spot, grasping the sill with your hands while your heart is beating a mile a minute. Do your best to control these episodes. It will happen because you are sexually aroused, and your adrenaline is pumping.


Keep in mind that, without a condom, you are hav­ing sex with everyone your lover has ever been with. There’s no reason in the world to have unprotected sex. Don’t fall for the lines about condoms restricting motion or sensation. In addition to AIDS leading to a horrific death, hepatitis kills more people than AIDS. Even if you take AIDS tests, you can never know what other diseases may be lurking around in your lover’s system.

Legitmate Relationship

If your affair turns into a legitimate relationship, the two of you have to seriously talk about the future and figure out if you both are willing to split up your fami­lies. At this point, there is a lot at stake and you both must think long and hard about it. You and your lover must go to a lawyer together and get advice. It’s imperative your lover comes with you. If they aren’t willing to go now, they won’t ever make a real commitment to you any time later on. You need to make sure your lover is, at all times, just as serious as you are about where your relationship is going, if you plan on ending your marriage.

Looking Good

Women will wear full make-up more often now and should start wearing make-up every day, even when at home. If someone notices and asks why you’re wearing it, smile and ask if it looks good. Laugh and feel pretty. Let your make-up become part of your everyday life, without making a fuss about it, and no one will notice it later on. This way when you get all dolled up to meet your lover, you won’t look different than on the days when you’re not planning a date. Plus, good make-up can cover any unwanted love bites you may get during passionate love-making. Of course, you will make sure that your lover does not leave any marks, and you will speak to them about it.

Pick up Your Toys

Your lover may introduce you, or you may introduce your lover, to sex toys. Do your best not to take these toys home with you, especially if you have small chil­dren in the house. They find everything! If you must bring them home, it’s imperative you locate a spot where you’re sure no one can ever find them. No, the top shelf of your closet is not a good idea. Kids climb up on chairs. The garage isn’t a good place either. You know your house. Find the safest place!