True Story

A colleague told me how he came home after an evening with his lover. Unfortunately, the evening had run later than usual, and he didn’t have time to shower at the day-use. While getting undressed in their bedroom, he was speaking to his wife when he had the urge to scratch his behind. There he found the ripped off section of a condom wrapper stuck to one cheek! Luckily, he crumbled it in his hand and got rid of it before his wife could see.

Spouse at Work

If your spouse shows up at your job unexpectedly, make it short and sweet and get them out of the office quickly, without raising suspicion. Your spouse could easily pick up on a vibe by noticing something as simple as an exchanged smile between you and your co-worker/lover. Your lover may even confront your spouse with a look of triumph, possession or guilt.

Places to Meet

There Aren’t Any This isn’t a joke. Unless your lover is single and lives alone you’ll have nowhere to go! Fooling around in the back seat of a car can be fun and exciting in the beginning but after a while it feels sleazy and you will resent it. Before you find a decent place to meet, you may only be able to share a few short moments together in some place off the beaten path. Do your best to stay away from areas that are unfamiliar to you, yet be on the lookout for safe, deserted fields or sites that could fit the bill. But check them out before going there at night. Read the book for more.

True Story

A friend used me as an excuse one evening. I’ll never forget when her husband called our house to ask to speak to his wife. When I suddenly realized that she had used me as a ‘wing-man’, without telling me beforehand, it took a lot of double talk to get out of it. I tried to call her after I spoke to her husband, but she wouldn’t answer her cell phone during her rendezvous. The couple since divorced.

Ture Story

Sitting with a colleague and a number of other employees, having a leisurely lunch outside the office, the conversation turned to more personal matters. When one employee blatantly asked my colleague if she was having an affair, my colleague (who, for a short moment, thought she would have a heart attack), quickly smiled, laughed the question off, and began speaking about “women’s problems”. This immediately had every woman around the table speaking about their personal experiences and ailments and took the focal point off of my colleague.

True Story

A very resourceful friend came home far too late from a tryst to prepare a full dinner. Upon arriv­ing home, she jumped into the shower and quickly washed her hair. She left the towel on her head as she prepared a “soup and sandwich” meal. Later, while the family ate, she apologized for the simple meal. She also mentioned that she’d had such a rough day and just had to take a long hot shower to straighten herself out. She gave the family extra dessert as com­pensation, which they didn’t mind at all.