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Author Lauren Tallman Lauren’s book “How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught” has gone worldwide. She still has time to lecture about affairs while speaking on Playboy radio and various radio stations. Lauren received rave reviews and encouragement from Robin Leach as well as Las Vegas’ “CityLife”. Lauren is currently working on a new book and continues to speak to groups and organizations.


Lauren Tallman’s eclectic life experiences have aided her in her mission to write her manifesto:

How To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught

Currently, a resident of Las Vegas, NV, author Lauren Tallman was born in Lithuania. Raised in New York, Tallman said she had a pretty clean-cut Americana upbringing. But, from an early age, she recalls her wanderlust and her desire to do everything she wanted to do before it was too late.

That resulted in a pilgrimage to Israel where she met the man that would soon become her husband. She remembers seeing him for the first time and saying to herself, “I want him!” Tallman brought her man back to The Big Apple, but the couple decided Israel was home and lived there for 33 years.

After 2 kids, 4 wars, and cultivating meaningful relationships with life-long friends, Tallman said she revealed in her newfound inner strength and resilience, which gave her the courage to start writing.

Now through with keeping up with the hi-tech billion dollar company CEO’s she worked for as a career executive assistant, she moved back to the U.S., following her 2 kids who settled in Las Vegas. It was in the “Silver State” where Tallman said she started to concentrate on her writing professionally.

To answer the inevitable question

– did Lauren Tallman have an affair and not get caught?


After reading her book you’ll find out if she did have one… you’ll never know!

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