True Story

Several years ago, the stores in our city were opened only half a day on Tuesdays. When my friend mentioned, in front of her husband and mine, that she’d bought her new skirt on Tuesday afternoon, I took her into another room and pointed out her slip-up. She said Tuesday afternoon was the only time she could get out to meet her lover. I explained that there was no need to specify when she’d supposedly bought the skirt…and next time, to use her head before speaking!

Money Matters

It Matters If It’s Not on Hand Having an affair costs money. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to open your own bank account. This makes it easier to have cash on hand and to adjust your own accounts. Men may want to pay most of the expenses of an affair, out of sheer excitement. Women may want to go Dutch out of common courtesy or self-esteem. Either way, go with the flow, but make sure no one feels used. Additional money is also important because when having an affair, you’ll need to buy some extras (See Chapter 5 “Perfumes, Makeup and New Clothes”), for inflated telephone bills, extra gas for the car, parking fees, day-use charges, or fare for a cab. Read the book for more.