You decided to have an affair.

Moments are now filled with fantasies about meeting a mysterious stranger, rendezvous taking place in dark locations, stolen kisses and the promise of passion to come.

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You may even have taken your first step and met some­one. Maybe you’ve already managed a furtive tryst with a new partner.

Are you riding a wave of euphoria frantically planning your next date, or are you freaking out about getting discovered?

With this guide you will learn how to significantly and almost entirely reduce your chances of getting caught. Yes, here are helpful tips on how to have a “safe” affair, but it’s going to take preparation and a little know-how.

Affairs can be dangerous, if not planned properly.

This book will help keep your home and family intact while making the most of the affair. Half the fun of an indiscretion is the spontaneity, but there’s much at stake, especially if there are people you love whose feelings and lives may be at risk. For this reason, you will be making some extensive changes in your life to accommodate your plans.

To have a safe affair, you must think ahead. In short, you must be responsible or get out of bed!

In Gratitude

I would like to thank all the trusting people who divulged their personal experiences toward the “True Story” sections.

Warm thanks to my family who stands by me, no mat­ter what I write!

Most of all, my profound thanks to Leslie, who be­came my guiding angel.

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